Ancient China Architecture

The Chinese architecture is one of the most sought after architectural styles worldwide. The current architectural style is largely inspired from the ancient systems that evolved under the various dynasties that ruled China during the different periods in the ancient era.

Ancient Chinese Architecture

The ancient Chinese architecture has a long history and goes back to the beginning of the Chinese civilization. Among the various elements that form the roots of ancient Chinese architecture, the most important are as follows:

Ancient China arcitecture

1. The architecture in ancient China mainly comprised of timberwork. The ancient Chinese structures comprised of posts, beams, lintels and joists as the major features.

2. One of the most prominent aspects typical of the Chinese architecture exclusively is the use of columns to support the roof and the entire burden of the house. In the ancient style of architecture, the walls do not support the roof or the entire house.

3. The ancient Chinese followed the principles of Taoism. Thus, accordingly the buildings built were not very tall and were symmetric on both the sides.

4. These principles were followed during the early dynasties of Shang, Chou and the Chin dynasties.

5. The biggest draw in the Chinese structures is the construction of pagodas. The Buddhists introduced the system of building pagodas in buildings to keep sacred things.

6. During the reign of the Qing dynasty the imperial style of architecture became dominant. The famous Forbidden City is the testimony of this style. Like many other palaces built during that era, the Forbidden City too comprises of the ancestral temples on the left side of the palace in the front while on the right side are altars for worshipping the nature.

Ancient China architecture

The front portion of the palace was meant for dealing with the political affairs while the rear consisted of residential complex. Also, outside the main gate of the palace, there was a pair of crouched lions made in stone or copper which was supposed to ward off the evil.

The ancient Chinese architecture also consisted of extensive ornamental designs, rich carvings, exquisite appliqu work and coloured glazed roofs that added to the splendour of the structures.

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