What are Ancient China Arts?

The Chinese art been a subject of great discussion among art connoisseurs across the world. China has an astounding history of all art forms, namely, fine arts, performing arts and folk arts. The ancient Chinese art forms evolved according to the changing dynasties that ruled the country during different years.

Ancient Chinese Art Forms


Among the various art forms, Chinese pottery is arguably the oldest art form practiced in ancient China. From the Shang dynasty, the art of pottery started gaining roots with bronze being pre-dominantly used to make pitchers, jars, vessels and boxes. There is a great variety among these bronze artifacts, with some being plain while others finely decorated.

Ancient China art

Probably the greatest gift for art lovers has been the porcelain wares. Porcelain jars, cups, tea pots and vases have a stamp of Chinese tradition that lingers till date. Handicrafts made of porcelain are some of the best examples of intricate carvings and artistic excellence.

Ancient China Art-Calligraphy

Yet another ancient Chinese art form is calligraphy. It is an exemplary art form that uses extraordinary brush handling techniques, presentation and style to convey the artists message. The roots of the ancient Chinese calligraphy can be traced about 4000 years back and it is believed that it was Cang Jie who invented calligraphy during the reign of the Yellow Emperor. Before the invention of paper, calligraphy was done on silk.

Art of Painting in ancient China

Painting of a distinct style too emerged prominently during ancient China. During the Song dynasty paintings mainly consisted of paintings and the emphasis was more on the spiritual aspect. During the Ming dynasty, painting received further impetus and the paintings during this period are bolder than those of the Song dynasty.

Other Art Forms

The ancient Chinese poetry is mainly an influence of Confucius, Qu Yuan and Book of Song. The other art forms that flourished in ancient China include puppetry, handicrafts, embroidery and ceramics.

The Chinese classical music form the Yayue has been practiced since the Zhou dynasty and was performed in imperial courts in ancient China.

This is just a glimpse of the major art forms prevalent in ancient China with each art form having a long and rich history.

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