Ancient China Chopsticks

One of the most classic things to have originated from China is the chopsticks. One of the oldest Chinese creations, these thin tapering sticks have represented China and Chinese cuisine down the ages.

History of Ancient Chinese Chopsticks:

The Chinese chopsticks date back to as early as the Shang dynasty that ruled China during the period of 1766-1122 BC. According to the Confucius, eating with a knife was aggressive and not suitable for dining. Thus, began the use of chopsticks which were to be held between the thumb and the fingers to pick up the food and eat.

The earliest found pair of chopsticks was made of bronze and was discovered during the excavation of Yin Ruins tomb. These excavated chopsticks date back to 1200 BC. During the Shang dynasty the use of chopsticks became widespread. It is believed that the last emperor of Shang dynasty king Zhou used chopsticks made of ivory.

Ancient China chopsticks

Chopsticks in ancient china were made of ivory, bamboo, wood, lacquer, bronze, precious metals like gold and silver. Wood and bamboo chopsticks are one of oldest form of chopsticks and have a history of about 1000 years.

Ancient China chopsticks

Several of the ancient Chinese dynasties can be credited with the invention of various forms of chopsticks. The Western Zhou dynasty is known to have invented the bronze chopsticks while the Western Han dynasty invented the lacquer chopsticks.

The use of gold and silver for making chopsticks began during the reign of the Tang dynasty. According to the popular belief during the Tang dynasty, silver chopsticks were used prominently to detect any poison mixed with the food.

The use of chopsticks was so deeply ingrained that since then it became an integral part of the Chinese lifestyle till date.

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