How was Ancient China Environment?

The environment in ancient China kept interchanging between a hot and cold atmosphere. It is said that the landscape of ancient China was like a staircase with three steps. The first step in the west, second in middle China and the third in the east. The southernmost China experienced a different type of climate which was almost like tropical rainforest or jungle.

The first step of the staircase was in the west where there are mountains. It was a home of some very important and famous places of the world. The mountainous area of Tibet is located in this area. The top most, the worlds tallest mountain, The Mount Everest is also situated in this area. It is also known to people as the roof of the world.

These mountains, from the time since they came in existence, remained covered with snow throughout the year. Right from the ancient time, the temperature in this area drops down to as low as -40 Fahrenheit in the winter.

ancient china environment

During the ancient time and the present time as well, the temperature in this area becomes very hot during the summer. Then second step of the staircase was in the middle China. In this area, there were hills which were not as high as there were in the west and also not that snowy. Basically, the middle part of China was almost covered with desert. The world famous Gobi Desert is also located in this area.

This came into being during the ancient time in China. Mongolia is also in this place. Because of the desert area, it gets very hot during the summer and equally cold during the winter. Last but not the least, the bottom or the last step of the staircase was in the eastern part of China, close to the Pacific Ocean.

Right from the ancient time, there are many important and long rivers flowing through this region into the Pacific Ocean. The two biggest and most important rivers of China which flow through this region are the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.

ancient china environmen

From the ancient time onwards, it is this part of China which is densely populated due to the rivers which provide ample of water and fertile soil for irrigation. Since the ancient time, these rivers have flooding nature due the snow of the mountains which melts during the summer. This area was often referred to as the Middle Kingdom by the people.

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