History of ancient Chinese Health, Acupuncture, Diseases, Doctors, Herbs

People in China have always been known to be very healthy. Ancient China herbs and medicines have always been famous for having a healing effect. Chinese pharmacy was very well organized in the ancient times.

Some of the common Chinese medicines are animal medicines, mineral products, herbs, plants. Chinese medicines usually improve the blood circulation and reduce heart diseases.

Ancient Chinese doctors used to recommend a lot of boiled soup along with the medicines. Approximately 1890 new medicines have been invented in China. The maximum number of Ancient Medical Inventions were promoted during the Hans Dynasty in China.

The Chinese people had a very unique way of classifying illness and also their treatment. The body parts were classified into the heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys etc and therefore physical strength, emotions, prevention of diseases due to cold, heat and a physiological balance was extremely important. The Chinese formulated a policy of six external diseases, seven emotions and followed a latent phenomenon.

ancient chinese health

Most people belonging to the agricultural background used plants as medicines and guinea pig was also used by many people and was an effective medicine as well for preventing cold and heat. Patients living environment, life rhythms, food preferences, personal relationships, and language and gestures were the tools used by the people in China for analyzing the patient and thereby treating them.

ancient chinese health

Acupuncture needles were also widely used in Ancient China and their modified form is commonly used in Pathology labs today. People in China also underwent a lot of physical activity and practiced martial arts which kept them fit and healthy. They tried using natural products and avoided artificial chemicals. Till date the Chinese people are the ones having a long life and they are one of the healthiest people of the world.

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