Ancient China Iron

In about 4000 BC, according to sources, the Chinese used to experiment with Iron meteorites along with the Egyptians and Sumerians. It is often predicted by the archaeologists that the Chinese started using iron ore even before people started using iron ore in the Middle East and relics of iron ore workshops along the Yangtze River during the Zhou and Qin Dynasty have been found.

Was Iron used in ancient Chinese weapons?

Many of the ancient Chinese weapons were very creatively made out of jade and iron ore and turned out to be the most useful weapons.

In the Ancient times Iron Oxen and Iron Men served as anchor men for many activities for example building the Pujin Bridge. The height and weight of such iron objects used to be good. Many statues of caste iron warriors have also been made in the ancient times in China. Many animal motives were also made using iron. The Iron Rhinoceros and The Cangzhou Lion is a creative creation.

Ancient China iron

The Iron Pagodas in Guangxio temple in China is historically very well appreciated. These Pagodas are famous all over the world and have been built in many temples and Buddhist monasteries in China.

Caste iron guns were widely used and were very thick and useful from the military point of view and for many missions. They later became refined and were used by different countries in various countries. Thereafter bonze iron guns came to be used in Ancient China.

Ancient China iron

According to archaeologists iron casting and smelting technologies were highly advanced in Ancient China iron production process. It is also said that most iron products found on the coast of the Yangtze River were shipped to the other parts of China and the surrounding areas of the site are being constantly studied by the archaeologists.

Ruins of iron mines have been found in the Hunan and Hubei provinces. Iron products can rarely be analyzed because of the possibility of destruction of iron by rust. However evidence has proved the wealth of iron that China had especially on the coasts of the yellow river and the Yangtze River.

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