Ancient China Social Life: Culture, Religion, Lifestyle, Laws

Ancient Chinese Social Life:

China has always been very famous for its rich and unique culture, tradition, social norms, rules and regulations. Chinese Law has been very strict and also known for its practical practice and a major portion of it deals with the social structure of China.

People in Ancient China especially in the villages were very social by nature and had their own lifestyle. Many of the settlements in ancient China was around the yellow river, and pottery making or making wheels were common means of hobbies in ancient Chinese civilizations.

ancient chinese social life

Consumption of rice, ginger, sesame seeds, soy beans, pepper, chilli, mung beans was very common and Chinese food is till date very popular and has a lot of variety. The concept of noodles originated in China and people in Ancient China used to eat noodles made out of wheat, flour or beans socially.

Religion was a major topic in the daily life of people especially when Confucianism and Taoism were in their peak stages. Most people in Ancient China lived in the Villages or on the river side and practiced farming. There was a concept of lordships and payment of taxes.

Chinese music is also very old and one of the forms of entertainment for people in Ancient China Social Life along with the old Chinese games which were very amusing and unique. People often divided work in public places like working on the canals and roads.

Intellectual discussions were very common in ancient China and scholars had a social life within themselves and thereby introduced a lot of wise concepts and due to their knowledge would often sit and advice general community members on various issues.

The social get up of China was so important that even the kings kept themselves updated with the daily life of people and their activities especially hunting and farming on a regular basis.

Religious practices and worship of god in different forms was an integral part of Chinese social and daily life along with ancient art and architecture. All this together composed of the social structure of Ancient China as a whole.

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