Ancient China Sui Dynasty

Ancient Chinese Sui Dynasty:

The Sui Dynasty ruled China from 580-618 A.D. China, which was divided during the Northern and Southern dynasties, was once again united under the Sui dynasty.

Ancient China Sui Dynasty
had only two emperors, Yang Chien and his son Emperor Yang.
Yang Chien was actually an official of the Northern Zhou. Yang Chien was also known as Emperor Wen Ti.

The Sui dynasty contributed a great deal to the growth and development of China. They extended the Grand Canal in the north from Hangzhou across the Yangzi to Yangzhou and then northwest to the region of Louyang.

ancient chinese sui dynasty

They also enhanced the internal administrative system which is reflected in things like establishment of granaries around major cities, fortification of the Great Wall along the northern borders, reconstruction of the two capitals near the Yellow River and building of another capital in Yangchow.

The Sui rulers embarked on territorial expansion and were successful in acquiring several regions in the south. However, they received several setbacks in the north against the Koreans. They attacked Korea on four occasions, and each time they were defeated. These defeats in Korea led to an attack by the Khan of the eastern Turks.

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