Ancient China Sung Dynasty

Ancient Chinese Sung Dynasty:

The Sung Dynasty was found by Chao Kuang Yin in 960 AD. The Sung Dynasty is said to be wiser than the other dynasties and they had analyzed the reasons for the fall and defeat of other empires. They followed a policy of centralization and did not divide the Chinese land. They upheld Confucianism.

Ancient China Sung Dynasty was divided into two parts which were the Northern Song (960-1127 AD) and South Song Part (1127-1279 AD) as the northern area had to be abandoned because of the invasion of nomadic tribes.


A great amount of Centralization in the bureaucracy and the military was achieved in the Sung Dynasty. The power in the hands of the emperor was immense.

In this time period not military and philosophical upliftment took place but also trade and economic development was immense. The prosperity of artisans was also maximum. There was a lot of cultural upliftment.


The philosophical and political answers of the Confucius class were addressed in a much better way. However this was one of the reasons for the decline of Buddhism in China.


The Sung Scholars also wrote commentaries on ancient classical texts and a synthesis of many ideologies took place and became an imperial ideology. Zhu-Xi was one of the important philosophers of that class, who propagated a patriarchal system.

The dynasty flourished a lot, however its slow destruction started on the outskirts. The Mongolians started conquering their territories and finally Kublai Khan ended the Sung Dynasty.

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