Ancient China Tests

Ancient Chinese Tests:

Tests in Ancient China were carried out in a unique form and were very creative in nature. Most questions were based on Chinese Civilization and graphics, Confucius, Geography, Problems of nature, Social and daily life in China, Climate, Science, Trade and Economy, Language, food and reasons for the survival of the Chinese Civilization for a long time, about the Huang Valley and Great Wall of China, about the
Silk route, questions about the various dynasties were also extremely important.


In most cases around 185 to 200 questions were asked and usually only one book was referred to by the whole class. Students were taught how to learn rather than just mug and that was reflected in the tests.


The Ancient China Tests were also framed and written in a very manipulative manner. Often tests were also taken in the classroom interaction format and comparisons were made to a great degree.

The Chinese format of taking tests were exclusive and were unique in nature as well as promoted learning more than anything else.

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