Ancient China Tools

Ancient Chinese Tools:

Tools in Ancient China were very skillfully developed and used. In the early ages when settlement had just started in China, native tools were used just to collect food and eat. Stone tools found in northern China are as old as 1.36 million years ago.

Many of them have been found in the Nihewan Bhasin and magnetostratigraphic approach has been used to figure this age out. Paleolithic sites have also proved this. It has also been shown that the adaptability of people in that era with regards to sharp tools was also flexible.

Dictonaries, system of Astrology in China were also considered to be a part of their tools used in their daily lives. Iron was introduced in China which made a faster development of different kinds of tools in China possible. Later the introduction of bronze material added to the advantage.

ancient chinese tools

Iron Ore and Metallurgy became very popular in China and later on blast furnace was also developed in 14th century and came to be widely used. Cast-iron plowshares, iron hoes, iron knives, axes, chisels, saws and awls, cast-iron pots, and even toys were built out of this.

ancient chinese tools

Steel and alloy weapons and tools gradually developed. Bessmer process of making tools was a very innovative technology developed in China and its impact in favour of industrialization was wide.

Wood and Charcoal were also used as tools side by side when iron production doubled. Ancient China Tools have been very innovatively made and have proved to be useful in all forms even till date.

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