Ancient China Transportation

Ancient Chinese Transportation:

Ancient China has one of the oldest means of transportation which are almost 2000 years old and also depict Chinas bustling life. Shandong was the city where Chinese people used to travel in horses and carriages. The skeletons of some horses are remaining and show motion.

The excavated pit which has this was found in the 20Th Century. The concept of Vintage Cars is almost one hundred year old. Unearthed Carriages of Ancient China are even older than Horse Carriages and are almost 3000 Years old.

Ancient China Transportation mainly constituted of Horse Carriages, Wheelbarrows, Ox Carts. Ox Carts were the means of transport for common people and used for freight, and horse carriages were mainly used for military purpose.

ancient chinese transportation

Animal Carts were very often used with wooden boards on all sides for protecting the passenger with usually a canopy on top. A canopy was absent on those carts carrying Criminals. Carts with seats came a little later in China. In Ox carts very often people would enjoy a drink. Stone Mills were also often used inside the carts which rotated the cart.

ancient chinese transportation

Petroleum fuel was used in China as early as a thousand years ago and was called fat water. This was possible because of the soil in China and the Chinese used to use it as a substitute for Coal or firewood.

Shen Kuo was an Ancient Scientist in China who developed the first oil product in China after noticing the smoke produced from Black Water and named it Stone Oil which later was utilized in 1956 when the first automobile industry came in China and thereafter cars were built in around 1902 during the reign of empress Dowager.

Today Cars and Automobiles are very much popular in China however the credit does go to a very large extent to the developer of Ancient Chinese Carriages who started the concept of transportation in China.

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