Ancient Chinese Silk Route

Ancient China Silk Route:

China is one of the prime centers of trade. Silk Route is one of the most famous trade routes. The silk route interconnects many trade routes across the countries in Asia. It connects Asia with North and North-East African Countries and Europe along with the Mediterranean.

The Silk Route started in ancient China and is almost 3000 years old. It does not deal with silk primarily but mainly inter-connects all traders from different countries.

It extends to approximately 4000 miles and luxurious goods like Silk, Perfumes, Cosmetics, clothing fabrics, herbs, and medicines have been exported and imported since the ancient times. This led to a lot of cultural exchanges and ultimately discovery of many great civilizations.

ancient chinese silk route

Silk Route means an unending road, however most travelers have traveled through its length and breadth and feel that the goods transported through this route used to be sold in ancient busy mercantile markets. This route was expanded in around 114 BC during the ancient Chinese dynasties like The Hans.

Silk Route is also called SeidenstraBe and this word was first invented by a German Geographer Ferdinand Von. The silk route extends from the Yellow river, black sea, and Caspian Sea and goes through the Mediterranean continents and European places.

Charcoal, Domestic Animal Skin and artifacts were imported from Asia by the Saharan, Egyptian and Syrian Countries in the Ancient China era. Metals and Stone trade, maritime trade, was very common.

A very close knit connection was built with Ancient Iran and Persia with The Royal Persian Road which through Aegean Sea and this route linked many other routes in central asia and made trade flourish.

Alexander the great helped a lot in extending this route. Active trade with India and Mesopotamia was encouraged especially during the grego-bulgarian empire. East Turkistan soon constructed various roads and China developed embassies.

The Silk route opened between Ancient China controlled Gai Chi. Slowly Sri-Lanka; some other European Countries joined in and developed the road to prosperous trade in future.

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